The world’s first Network-Driven Precision Medicine Platform for women

Levana addresses significant problems faced by women and their physicians, where fluctuating hormone levels and unique pharmacokinetics reduce the effectiveness of prescription medications. Levana collects digital biomarkers to provide women with visibility into how well their medication is addressing their symptoms.

Levana then leverages data across its network of users to build recommendations to help physicians predict the best treatment and remotelymonitor patients


The majority of women experience reduced pharmacological effectiveness.

Prescription medications for conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, epilepsy, thyroid function and more are impacted by hormonal changes and pharmacokinetic disparities, resulting in a twofold increase in adverse drug reactions and suboptimal outcomes for women. Psychiatrists in particular face the challenge of selecting the most appropriate drug and the best dose for each indication, often relying on trial and error due to the lack of predictive parameters and objective patient data.


Levana is a platform that monitors women’s medication effectiveness according to what’s happening in their bodies, their unique pharmacokinetics, and hormonal changes across the phases of natural menstrual cycles.

Levana’s AI leverages the data from remote patient monitoring of women’s unique patterns, to deliver daily personalized recommendations for medication dose, based on data inputs and network feedback, utilizing AI to fill in the gaps doctors and researchers left open for decades.


The timing couldn't be better, given the acceleration of value-based care, psychiatrists continued promotion of virtual visits, and the development ofnumerous new digital biomarkers to enhance our platform.

Even Pharma has changed, making substantial investments in digital mental health solutions and highlighting a growing interest in leveraging technology to enhance patient outcomes. Levana aims to capitalize on this momentum by providing a data-driven solution, utilizing both network effects and AI, specifically tailored to address women's needs. By doing so, Levana is unlocking years of ignorance aboutwomen’s hormonal health in general and pharmacological effectiveness specifically.


Levana's go-to-market strategy revolves around providing value to all stakeholders, including patients, providers, Pharma, payers, and researchers.

Initially, we will focus on the patient experience, offering premium digital biomarkers through a B2C subscription model. Patients contribute data that aids with clinical validation, while acting as a catalyst for adoption among providers. We already have a number of research institutions and HMOs that are interested in collaboration. Next, we will target small clinics and digital-native providers as our initial B2B customers. Following that, Pharma companies, which are already investing in digital companions, will be interested in partnering.

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